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Hi, having a busy day? When isn’t it a busy day in hospitality and catering?

Let us help you take the hassle out of managing your business and help your team look after your customers.

MyEChef provides you and your team with an easy and pro-active way to:

  • Maximise food and drink profits
  • Easily provide allergen information
  • Reduce costly food waste
  • Control costs
  • Simplify hygiene audits
  • Provide essential management information to you as owners, managers and chefs.

We’d love to meet and tell you more, so here are a few more benefits that are valuable to our existing customers

  • Safeguard business continuity
  • Support sales
  • Drive consistency of product
  • Develop and train your team
  • Easily share information within your business
  • Provide your team with tools to better serve your customers

….. and make your day and running your business easier.


Andrew Winning

Managing Director

07969 762862

Rob Winning

Operations Director

07930 254849



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