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We Provide Our Customers With Their Very Own Branded Intranets With All The Functionality Of Our MyEChef Demonstration Site.

Feel Free To Browse The Publicly Visible Demo Tabs Of The Site And Get In Touch For A Full Demonstration

Make Running Your Hospitality and Catering Business Easier - • -Maximise Profit - • - Reduce Waste - • - Control Costs - • - Simplify Communication - • - Centralise Information - • - Drive Quality - • - Safeguard Your Business - • - Increase Productivity…and have it all at your fingertips.

Hi there, we’re delighted to say that MyEChef has now evolved into two even better packages supporting our colleagues in hospitality – these are:

Chefs In Business and Chefs In Business Plus

We’ll be adding an information video here soon, but in the meantime for a quick introduction please visit:

But don’t worry, you can still have your very own branded Chefs In Business Plus Intranet that can help you:

  • Maximise food and drink profits
  • Easily provide allergen information
  • Reduce and manage costly food waste
  • Control costs
  • Simplify hygiene auditing
  • Safeguard business continuity
  • Provide essential management information to you as owners, managers and chefs.
  • Support sales
  • Drive consistency of product
  • Develop and train your team
  • Easily share information within your business

And now we also feed it with professionally tried, tested and costed recipes every month, which you can either use as is or clone and change to make them your own.

Even more back of house support to help your team with tools to better serve you and your customers vand make running your business easier.


Andrew Winning                                                     Rob Winning

Managing Director                                                 Operations Director             

07969 762862                                                              07930 254849




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