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Annual Breakfast Week

Annual Breakfast week wasn’t something I’d really heard of before we started building the MyEChef website, we were Full English breakfastresearching dates to fill our Events Calendar with and low and behold ‘Breakfast Week’.

I, like many are a huge fan of my Sunday Brunch, nice relaxed morning with a mammoth pork fix at the end of it. I got to thinking a whole week of Sunday breakfast could become quite the hindrance on the old belly, but on the other hand a slice of toast or a bowl of cereal doesn’t quite cut it when there has been an entire week dedicated to breakfast. As they say ‘Eat like a king for breakfast, A prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner’. So why not indulge this coming week and set Eggs Hemingwayyourself up for the day.Smoked salmon scrambled eggs


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