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Meat Free Week – 23rd to 29th March

Do we have to eat meat with everything? Personally I don’t even think about it, but choose what sounds interesting and tasty from a menu. Living in the United Kingdom we are so lucky to have been enjoying food from around the world for centuries, of which, many dishes are meat free. A personal favourite […]

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Hot Off The Press

Todays newsfeed from Big Hospitality sadly includes a report from the website The report, based on 6 million analysed reviews, concludes that UK staff are the least friendly in Europe, ranked joint bottom with Russia for friendliness and expertise. Wow, that’s incredibly hard to believe, but the customer is always right. The top rated […]

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Out & About – Wales Tourism & Business Conference 19th March 2015

Well, its a busy week for us out and about in glorious Wales. The theme for the conference is “Boosting the Bottom Line” and I’m delighted and honoured to say that we have been invited to present MyEChef to the conference and how it can help do that very thing. Those of you using MyEChef already […]

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Finance Forms Update

We’ve made a couple of additions to this reporting function for you following a suggestion from Jamie McDonald at the Park House Hotel in Shifnal. Reports can now be defined and submitted by till, e.g Bar 1, Bar 2, Restaurant etc. Additionally, we have added a field to record your EPOS Z cash read. This will automatically […]

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