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Our Example CALENDAR entries are designed to show you the functionality of our EVENTS CALENDAR, Take a look at our example wedding tab and how you can build function sheets directly onto the site.

You can use the centralised cloud based business calendar to share with your entire team.

The calendar can have multiple colour coded legends for ease of locating the event type you are looking for. We add Cleaning, Meetings, Training, Weddings, Events, Rota's as standard. These can be added to to suit your business as required.

The calendar can be used to build information directly into it such as function sheets for weddings, events etc

You can upload PDF's to the site to be used in the CALENDAR and INFO CENTRE. Have your ROTAs or other relevant information accessible to your entire team on any wifi accessible smart device or computer.

Our customer sites have an additional PREVIEW CALENDAR that sits on your homepage, which shows you the next ten up and coming events in that month.


British Pie Week 2nd – 8th March

Yes its official, we Brits have a whole week to celebrate one of our favourite dishes. Since the days of Chaucer’s pilgrims ( and probably well before), pies have been a sustaining staple for the masses, enjoyed in top quality restaurants, to the local pub, football matches and chip shops all over the UK. What […]

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