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A - Z of all your business relevant information, anything you want your teams to have access to, such as COSHH sheets for your chemicals, fire safety manual, company/staff handbook, new starter training forms, hygiene Certificates etc.

Because your site is cloud based your entire team can be issued a user name and password in order to give them the information and support to do there jobs effectively and they can access it from anywhere providing they have a smart device/ phone or computer.


Bourbon is an American Whiskey, primarily made from corn.

With its name derived from the French Bourbon dynasty, this American style of whiskey is barrel aged as are the older styles of Scottish and Irish whiskies.

Although Bourbon can be produced in any state in the US, where production of spirits is legal, Kentucky is the state that has the most historical connection with this beverage and around 95% of Bourbon production occurs there.

Well known brands are Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Makers Mark. Ask your wine supplier about the varieties available in the UK.

Bourbon is a key ingredient in the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, whiskey sour and mint julep.

In cooking terms it is a subtle flavouring that can be used in desserts and partners well with maple syrup, chocolate or apples, as well as savouries such as barbecue sauces, ketchups and glazes.


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