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A - Z of all your business relevant information, anything you want your teams to have access to, such as COSHH sheets for your chemicals, fire safety manual, company/staff handbook, new starter training forms, hygiene Certificates etc.

Because your site is cloud based your entire team can be issued a user name and password in order to give them the information and support to do there jobs effectively and they can access it from anywhere providing they have a smart device/ phone or computer.

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Gluten is the protein composite in wheat and flours made from related grains, which when worked by kneading dough, ultimately helps the dough rise during baking as it traps the carbon dioxide gas expelled by yeast as it feeds.

FSA "Gluten is a protein found in cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, and can contaminate some oat products. People with gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) need to avoid all food containing gluten."

Graphic design

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Whilst not a generic culinary term, for anyone who's business is in the hospitality or catering profession, you may need to use the services of a graphic designer to help you create a visual representation of you business - such as a logo or brand image.


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A traditional Scottish delicacy enjoyed all year round and celebrated on Burn's Night, 25th January each year - the Bard's birthday.

Hog Roast

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A succulent addition to any beer or cider festivals. Very popular and cost effective approach to wedding receptions as well.

Hors D’œuvre

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Usually forming the first course of a meal, hors d'œuvre are typically finger food and cutlery is not required.

They are oftentimes served as a pre-dinner course at weddings and parties, with waiters weaving their way through the guests with trays of assorted treats.


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Maintaining hygiene standards is critical in a food preparation environment such as a commercial kitchen.

The Food Standards Agency gives advice on how the correct standards can be achieved.

Induction cooking

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Induction cooking is seen as an up to date alternative and a more energy efficient cooking method that using gas flame or electricity, which generates infrared radiation to create heat.


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Infusion is both the process and the name of the resulting liquid after plant material, such as tea, has been steeped in water. Infusions can also be made with oil, alcohol or vinegar in order to add flavour to the liquid.

Irish coffee

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A traditional after dinner drink of coffee with a shot of Irish whiskey and topped with a blanket of floating cream.


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One of the milder chile peppers available ranging in heat at between 2500 and 8000 on the Scoville scale.


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A Jereboam is a "bottle" size, containing three litres of wine i.e. four normal 75 cl bottles.


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Jus are juices given off naturally by food when cooked. It is used to enhance the flavour of dishes.


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Kale is a dark green brassica related to cabbage and also known as curly kale in the UK.

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