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Our Example INFORMATION CENTRE entries are designed to show you the functionality of our INFORMATION CENTRE.

A - Z of all your business relevant information, anything you want your teams to have access to, such as COSHH sheets for your chemicals, fire safety manual, company/staff handbook, new starter training forms, hygiene Certificates etc.

Because your site is cloud based your entire team can be issued a user name and password in order to give them the information and support to do there jobs effectively and they can access it from anywhere providing they have a smart device/ phone or computer.


One of the five traditional senses, which help us enjoy the varying flavours in food.

Taste is one of the five traditional senses. The others being sight, smell, touch and sound.

It is the sensation we get when a substance, such as food, has a chemical reaction with the taste receptors on our taste buds.

There are five basic tastes: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and umami,which is identified as a savoury taste.

Your tastebuds differentiate between the varying tastes and when combined with the sense of smell and the tongues ability to sense texture and heat, we get an overall perception of what we are eating.

Of course taste and smell also act as a warning system for things that are not good for us, such as poisons registering on the bitter scale.


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