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A - Z of all your business relevant information, anything you want your teams to have access to, such as COSHH sheets for your chemicals, fire safety manual, company/staff handbook, new starter training forms, hygiene Certificates etc.

Because your site is cloud based your entire team can be issued a user name and password in order to give them the information and support to do there jobs effectively and they can access it from anywhere providing they have a smart device/ phone or computer.


A black skinned wine grape variety

Zinfandel, also known as Primitivo is grown widely in California, but is thought to be related to the Primitivo grape of southern Italy, specifically the Puglia region.

The name though is of uncertain origin.

Red Zinfandel wines are particularly strong due to the grapes high sugar content allowing it to be fermented to over 15%, however 85% of zinfandel production is dedicated to White Zinfandel, which is in fact not white, but a rosé or blush.

White Zinfandel, which is quite sweet, is relatively low in alcohol at 9-10% and also low in calories at 124 per 175 ml serving (which you would get just over four glasses from a standard 750 ml bottle).

It is a good match for lighter meats such as turkey and pork, but also works well with summer barbecues and also lamb.

Your local wine supplier will be able to provide you with advice on matching wines to your menus.


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